Salt Therapy

Is a modern and advanced physiotherapy for treatment of many diseases as it helps in eliminating insomnia and helps the body to get rid of toxics. Moreover, it helps in gaining a positive energy as well as treatment of respiratory system diseases, orthopaedic diseases, and dermatology diseases including asthma, allergy, arthritis, eczema and psoriasis.

The SaltCave

Natural salt caves have been used to assist in treating respiratory and dermatology diseases since the 19th century when a polish physician noticed reduction in the rate of respiratory diseases for workers who worked as a salt mine. This is due to the fact that salt is a natural sanitizer and anti-bacterial component. The first natural salt mine in Kuwait has been built with advanced technology in cooperation with a leading company in the same field from the UK.

Muscle pain

Inhalation of natural salt helps in improving and activating the work of blood circulatory system, and this in turn leads to relaxation of muscles and helps in eliminating arthritis.

Reduce insomnia

Salt cave includes a large group of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Moreover, it includes a large quantity of nutritional components which help the body to relax. Therefore, it is considered as an efficient treatment for those who suffer from insomnia, and it helps children who can’t sleep.

Do you suffer from asthma ? hard breathing ?

Inhalation of natural salt in a sanitized environment helps you to clean the lungs’ walls and to eliminate any dust or mucus, and this facilitates access of oxygen. Repeated sessions of natural salt inhalation inside the salt cave helps to eliminate asthma and respiratory distress.

Cleaning the skin

Salt that is used inside the cave includes natural nutritional components and its inhalation helps to eliminate toxics in the skin as well as acne and other problems of the skin naturally. Moreover, it improves softness of the skin.


Inhalation of natural salt inside tranquil salt caves helps in relaxation, reduction of tension or insomnia and to get rid of daily pressures.